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Isocell, supplier of passive house vapour barriers and cellulose insulation


Isocell is a world leader in pumped in dense pack cellulose insulation technology and intelligent air tight membranes. ASCT has the sole Australian distribution rights for all Isocell air tightness/vapour membranes and accessories. ASCT source locally manufactured recycled cellulose to use in conjunction with Isocell membranes and machines. The cellulose is sourced locally from recycled newspaper, it is milled and mineral salts added to ensure it is vermin and fire proof. When pumped between the internal vapour and external weather proof membranes in Passive House stlyle projects, the cellulose forms a homogeneous and dense insulative layer. Dense packed cellulose insulation far exceeds any batt type material, in terms of performance and sustainability. Cellulose can be used alongside wood fibre boards or sheep wool hybrid insulation to ensure an overall breathable and high performance envelope. ASCT is trained in the installation of dense pack cellulose insulation so can offer a complete supply and installation package. We can also offer a hire service of the Isocell Compact machine on a daily basis. Contact us today for more info and an estimate.